Classic yachts for sale

Classic yachts for sale

Yachtsnet Ltd. currently has the following classic yachts for sale on brokerage - click the photos or text link for each yacht to see detailed specifications and lots of high quality and high resolution photos of each yacht.

1993 Contessa 32 for sale

Contessa 32 for sale

This 1993 example is one of the approximately dozen built by Mike Slack after Jeremy Rogers ceased series production in 1982 - and is thus much newer than the vast majority of Contessas. This yacht is very well equipped, is in full commission, and is now for sale only because of an owner's health issues. Asking £48,000, full details are here

1964 Excalibur 36 for sale

Excalibur 36 for sale

The Excalibur 36 is a powerful and fast all-weather cruiser. Designed by van de Stadt, she has a long keel but a separate spade rudder and is both a very pretty boat, and very strongly built. This 1964 example has had the original engine replaced in around 2001, and had a complete new rig (mast, boom, kicker, furler, rigging wires) in 2010. The hull had a full osmosis treatment in 2012. Asking £29,500, full details are here

1982 Elizabethan 33 for sale

Elizabethan 33 for sale

David Thomas designed the Elizabethan 33 in the early 1970s as a classic long-keeled cruiser. This 1982 example is Part I registered, and had a full osmosis treatment by a well known boatyard in 2003. Fairly extensively cruised by her present owners who are now looking to downsize, she is in full commission and ready to sail away.
Priced at £19,550, full details are here

2000 Heard 35 - GRP Falmouth Quay Punt

Heard 35 for sale

The Heard 35 is built on a GRP hull with lines taken from a traditional working Quay Punt, though with the GRP hull and epoxy-ply decks there is far less maintenance. Ashore now in Cornwall. NOW SOLD

1972 Nicholson 35

Nicholson 35 for sale

The Nicholson 35 is alongside the Contessa 32 as one of the classic seaworthy fin and skeg cruiser-racers from the 1970s, though she stayed in production to 1990. If you have looked at Contessa 32s, this is the grown-up version, with far more boat than the extra 3 feet might indicate. This 1972 yacht is for sale at £29,750, and has been in the same family ownership for 40 years. SOLD

1960/61 Alden Challenger 38 yawl

Alden Challenger 38 yawl for sale

A true Alden-designed classic yawl but with a GRP hull by Halmatic and a modern Yanmar engine.
Shallow draught with centreboard for versatility. Lying ashore Cornwall £39,500. SOLD

1977 Rival 38A

Rival 38A for sale

The Rival 38A has classic Rival loooks and seaworthiness but has an aft cabin tucked under the cockpit.
Well travelled but in remarkably good condition and ready to cross oceans again - SOLD

The definition of a “classic yacht” is a fairly elastic one. Few would argue that a J-class from the 1920s is a classic yacht. What about a James Silver “gentlemans motor yacht” from the late 1940s, or Laurent Giles’ beautiful Nicholson-built “Lutine” from 1952?

Is however a Rustler 36 (which could have been built in 2015) a classic yacht? It certainly derives it’s pedigree and hull form from the 1942 Folkboat, which general hull form Kim Holman enlarged, refined, and progressively reworked into the Stella, Twister and then the Rustler 31 and 36 designs.

So if a 2015 Rustler 36 can be a classic yacht, can a 1971 Contessa 32? Some would say no, as this has a separate keel and skeg/rudder, instead of a traditional long keel. Yet separate keels and rudders were already well known well over a hundred years ago, Herreshoff having started to build such designs in the early 1890s. And if a 1971 Contessa 32 can be a classic design, why not also a shiny new-built one from Jeremy Rogers?

There are also yachts that started life as working boats, whether pilot cutters, fishing boats or the Colin Archer sailing lifeboats? Many such boats are still sailing at over 100 years old, though now used purely as yachts. Others were built as yachts by the same yards that built working versions, such as the Miller Fifers, or the various modern builds of traditional pilot cutters.

Finally, there are the modern yachts which are consciously “retro” - the Spirits, Morris’ and other beautiful yachts in modern materials. The new Rustler 33 is very much in this mould.

We believe in a fairly flexible definition of the term classic yacht, in much the same way that some quite modern cars, and cars that were quite commonplace in their day, can now be called classic cars. We are happy for a classic yacht to be built of any material, as long as she is beautiful in her own way, and suited to her purpose, be it cruising or racing.

If you are thinking of selling a classic yacht our system of lots of really high quality high resolution photographs and full details really does encourage buyers to travel to view. Call us on 01326-212234 to discuss the sale of your classic yacht.

The dictionary definition of the word “classic” is:

from the French classique, from Latin classicus, of the highest class of Roman citizens, of the first rank, from classis.
Also serving as a standard of excellence: of recognized value, traditional, enduring, eg. classic designs.

1962 South Coast One Design (SCOD) in superb condition

26 ft Nicholson designed classic SCOD

Nicholson designed and built by Burnes Shipyard in 1962, this SCOD has had extensive refitting, and is now for sale in superb condition. Only four owners since built. Lying Chichester area, WITHDRAWN FROM SALE

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